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Subject: VASA Exhibition Archive: Dick Blau "Thicker Than Water "
Date: May 6th 2022

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You are invited to an exhibition by

Dick Blau

Thicker Than Water

Curator: Roberto Muffoletto

Dick Blau
© Dick Blau, Book cover from "Thicker Than Water"

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"Thicker Than Water" is a 40 plus year inquiry by Dick Blau into his relationship to his families, and to himself. 

The exhibiiton is at times an emotional experience that hits at the heart of anyone who has helped to raise a family, experienced the end of a relationship and moved on. Blau is not a family therapist but a photographer whose roots are in theatre and performance. He tells us that his photographs in "Thicker Tan Water" are not the family photographs which suggests that all is well, but just the opposite. They are more about the theater of the family as seen through eyes of Dick Blau.

This exhibition is includes video interviews, essays by Rachel Zimmermann and Sefan Vanthuyne, and other material to deepen the experience of the viewer/reader and their understanding of Blau’s inquiry.

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