Download: VASA 2021 Interactive Catalog

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Subject: Download: VASA 2021 Interactive Catalog
Date: March 12th 2022
VASA e-Catalog
VASA E-Catalog

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VASA 2020 Interactive E-Catalog

Exhibitions, Journal on Images
and Culture, Film Series, Front Page Project
and More...

To download your free interactive
VASA e-Catalog
start by selecting any image below.
Once on the VASA page select the catalog image.

2021 cover

    e-Catalog Content:

    The e-Catalog provides an over-view of the VASA programs, with links to the full program of films, exhibitions, essays and front page exhibitions.

    VASA Online Exhibitionsexhibitions

    Film series

    VASA Journal on Images and Culture

    Front Page Exhibitions
    Front Page

    On Photography Conversations
    on photo

    2021 Participating Artist

    part-l participant-R


    Other Interactive Catalogs for download include: (see VASA Homepage menu)
    - Exhibition years 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
    - Kharkiv School of Photography, Ukraine, 4 Exhibitions
    - Exhibition 23, Maribor, Ljubljana (2012)
    - SPE LGBT Exhibition, USA (2014)

Download your 2020 VASA interactive e-Catalog


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VASA is a "non-profit making" online center for media studies
with a focus on photography and digital media arts. VASA is a volunteer organization.

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VASA Programs include Exhibitions, Journal on Images and Culture,
Film Series and Front Page Project

Twitter: vasa_project

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