VJIC: Conversation with Linda Troeller with Sabine Kutt

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Subject: VJIC: Conversation with Linda Troeller with Sabine Kutt
Date: November 19th 2021
VASA Journal on Images and Culture

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VASA Journal on Images and Culture
Invites You To The Essay Theme

"Only Women Can Do That"

First interview: Linda Troeller
Editor: Sabine Kutt (USA)

© Linda Troeller

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VJIC Theme: "Only Women Can Do That"

Conversation with Linda Troeller

Linda Troeller's photography works directly and inseparably with changes whether it is a sensual image, or an image reflecting on identity or on memory.

To understand the feminine element in photography, it is best to ask ourselves a series of questions such as: What is the feminine element, and is it given or acquired? Why is this topic essential and current and what is its social relevance?

The VJIC theme will address the question of gaze through interviews with Erika Anna Schmacher, LindaTroller, Roxanne Darling and Meryl McMaster.

Theme editor: Sebine Kutt
Sabine is a ballet master, choreographer, art curator and photographer. She received her art education at the renowned Palucca School for Modern Dance and Classical Ballet in Dresden and at the University of Leipzig.

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© Linda Troeller

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