New Front Page Exhibition: "Beyond Street" by Swarat Ghosh (India)

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Subject: New Front Page Exhibition: "Beyond Street" by Swarat Ghosh (India)
Date: September 13th 2021
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VASA Front Page Exhibition #63

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Swarat Ghosh (India)

"Beyond Street"

© Swarat Ghosh

Go to: VASA Front Page Exhibition #63

Curator: Sandeep Biswas

Swarat’s body of work “ Beyond Streets “ is an exploration and only a fraction of the moment within these highly dramatic and festive lives. One can witness the scarecity of quietness or one might even feel and imagine an uncanny resonance while going through the images one by one.

India is known for its diversity and the streets are unique. The prime motivational factor behind this particular body of work Beyond Street is to capture life around the everyday ordinariness of India in my own unique manner - unattributed moments of beauty, grace, absurdity, sorrow, delight, outrage and more.

About Swarat Ghosh

Swarat Ghosh is an Indian photographer based in Hyderabad.
His photography has been published in several national and international magazines, including but not limited to - The Washington Post, Burn Magazine, National Geographic Traveller, and International Street Photographer. His work has also been presented in Brussels, London, Paris, Glasgow, Istanbul, Thailand, Pondicherry, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

© Swarat Ghosh

Go to: VASA Front Page Exhibition #63

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