New Exhibition: Brigitte Konyen "Between Fact and Fiction"

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Subject: New Exhibition: Brigitte Konyen "Between Fact and Fiction"
Date: September 2nd 2019
VASA Exhibitions: Brigitte Konyen

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Brigitte Konyen

Between Fact and Fiction

© Brigitte Konyen. Enfance

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The VASA exhibition by Austrian artist Brigitte Konyen entitled “Between Fact and Fiction” contains four portfolios: Snapshots, Family Album, Enfance (childhood) and All or Nothing. Her work is a mixture of collage, image manipulation and family album.  

Konyen states that her reconstruction of her family history is a play between facts understood as historical and the fiction of her creation.  She asks us to connect various elements of photographs reconstructed into historical collages, a family album showing images of her and her father (a fictional construction), and another set of family photographs viewed through pergamin interleaving, filtering out a clear view of the past.  In the end the viewer is given a glimpse of an exhibition display that refers to a personal genealogy reconstructing her history of unfilled loves and “whose who”; a construction of fictional relationships between her and “pop” stars, teenage dreams and longings for love.

Curator: Roberto Muffoletto

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Brigitte Konyen. All or Nothing

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