VASA Archives: Fertility by Ani Zur, Ukraine

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Subject: VASA Archives: Fertility by Ani Zur, Ukraine
Date: August 22nd 2021
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Ani Zur

Video: Limits of Existence

Ani Zur
© Ani Zur
The most important frame was the photograph where
my 82 year old granny was holding my 3 week old daughter.

Exhibition Curator: Roberto Muffoletto

Brought up in a matriarchal family, Ani Zurr (an Ukraian artist) has been photographing women relatives and daughters for 4 years; she also appears as a hero in the one of photos is an attempt to live out the ancestors’ experience, to feel the sacral dispensation of a primeval woman, to retrace her secret connection with the Earth.

The exhibitionis an attempt to find self identity. The work in the ‘Fertility’ exhibition Zur reflects on the‘female mission’ and an intuitive part of a female self, gradually lost with the development of civilization. Images not only demonstrate bare female essence, opening it layer by layer; they reveal the uncertain perceptions about female purpose in the modern world.

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Ani Zur
© Ani Zur

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