VASA Exhibiiton: Malkiat Singh "Soul of Sikhism"

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Subject: VASA Exhibiiton: Malkiat Singh "Soul of Sikhism"
Date: October 8th 2020
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Malkiat Singh
"Soul of Sikhism"

Malkiat Singh
© Malkiat Singh

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Curator: Sandeep Biswas

Malkiat Singh’s documentation of the Sikh community is a visual journey of an ardent visual storyteller, who is also a strong follower of the discipline and faith. He has travelled extensively spanning almost 2 decades to live and experience every aspect of the life of various sects of Sikhism, exploring and  searching for a deeper meaning within their distinctive world.

Sikhism was founded around the 15th century as a monotheistic religion by first of the ten Sikh gurus  “Guru Nanak Dev”.  Sikhs are easily recognised by their elegant and conspicuous head gear, the Turban or Pagri and a full face beard.

A minority community in the India, they have always been extremely important to Indian history and its evolution. The community primarily dominant in the northern Indian state of  Punjab, their contribution to agriculture, music, Indian folk culture, art, literature, sports, various industries and armed forces among many other fields are highly recognised.

About Malkiat Singh

Malkiat Singh, an Indian photographer, has been capturing the rich colors of the Indian life and culture for more than two decades. The photography of Sikh sacred space has been his passion. He remains ever enthralled by the deeply moving interplay between the spiritual and the customary lives of the Sikh community. He took up photography as a full time vocation following his graduation in fine arts from the Shilpa Bharti {Rajasthan College of Arts).

Malkiat Singh
© Malkiat Singh

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