Exhibition: Livio Senigalliesi "Imagine No Heaven"

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Subject: Exhibition: Livio Senigalliesi "Imagine No Heaven"
Date: October 2nd 2020
VASA Exhibitions: Latin American Woman Photographers

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Livio Senigalliesi

Imagine No Heaven

Bosina 1996
© Livio Senigalliesi

Curator: Roberto Muffoletto and Stefania Zorzi

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VASA Exhibitions is presenting a series of exhibitions curated by Ximena Echague (Belgium) titled "Magical Realism". The series will host the work of Latin American Women photographers.

In this first exhibition VASA will exhibit a small sample from across Central and South America. The following exhibitions will display, country by country, the work of these talented artists.

The series focus is not the usual one, where the Latin American photographers traditionally explore through documentary photography the complexities of its political and social fabric. On the contrary, in this innovative approach, the artists explore new ways, in which "the object" merges with pretty surreal or fantastic elements, creating a photographic language deeply connected to Latin American Magical realism in literature.

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Lorena Velasco, Columbia
© Livio Senigalliesi Congo 2006

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