VASA Video Screening: Alena Grom, Ukraine "Gray Zone: Videos on Donbas"

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Subject: VASA Video Screening: Alena Grom, Ukraine "Gray Zone: Videos on Donbas"
Date: June 30th 2020
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Alena Grom, Ukraine

Gray Zone: Six Video works on Donbas, Ukraine.

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Grom film
Still from "Medium of instruction"

Alena Grom was born in Donetsk, Ukraine, where she lived until 2014. In January that year she ran a housewarming party in her long awaited newly-built house. In April 2014, when the separatist coup began, she had to abandon it and flee to a refuge in Kyiv. Later her house, left unattended, was robbed by marauders, there were shootings and pools of blood inside it.

The artist keeps returning to the frontline territory in Donbas to make her projects.The videos displayed here are the artist responses to conditions in what Grom refer to as the "The Gray Zone": Video works on Donbas, Ukraine.

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Still from "Hypoxia. Airpor"t

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