VASA Exhibition: Alena Grom "The Womb"

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Subject: VASA Exhibition: Alena Grom "The Womb"
Date: June 27th 2020
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Alena Grom
"The Womb"

Grom image
© Alena Grom

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Curator: Igor Manko

Alena Grom was born in Donetsk, Ukraine, where she lived until 2014. In January that year she ran a housewarming party in her long awaited newly-built house. In April 2014, when the separatist coup began, she had to abandon it and flee to a refuge in Kyiv. Later her house, left unattended, was robbed by marauders, there were shootings and pools of blood inside it.

Grom created The Womb project in 2018 on the front-line territory of Donbas. The images tell stories of the women who decided to give birth to a child while living in a war zone. The artist’s models are both mothers and children of war, some of the latter more than four years old by now. The shelters are where these children spent their weekdays, where they learned to walk and talk, where they had their first life experiences for all four years of war. The womb is a story of life in spite of death, war and violence.

Go to: VASA Front Page Exhibition #55

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