VASA 2019 Exhibition-Film Catalog

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Subject: VASA 2019 Exhibition-Film Catalog
Date: February 10th 2020
VASA e-Catalog
VASA E-Catalog

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VASA 2019 E-Catalog

Exhibitions, Journal on Images
and Culture, Film Series, Front Page Project
and More...

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VASA Catalog 2019

    The 2019 VASA Interactive e-Catalog documents:

    • VASA Online Exhibitions

    • Film series

    • Essays in the VASA Journal on Images and Culture

    • Front Page Projects

      The e-Catalog provides an over-view of the VASA programs. with links back to the full program of films, exhibitions, essays and Front Page Projects.

    Other Interactive Catalogs for download include: (see VASA Homepage menu)
    - Exhibition years 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
    - Kharkiv School of Photography, Ukraine, 4 Exhibitions
    - Exhibition 23, Maribor, Ljubljana (2012)
    - SPE LGBT Exhibition, USA (2014)

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VASA is a "non-profit making" online center for media studies
with a focus on photography and digital media arts. VASA is a volunteer organization.

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VASA Programs include Exhibitions, Journal on Images and Culture,
Film Series and Front Page Project

Twitter: vasa_project

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