Reminder - VASA Front Page Exhibition by Dmytro Kupriyan "Home"

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Subject: Reminder - VASA Front Page Exhibition by Dmytro Kupriyan "Home"
Date: January 25th 2020
VASA Front Page
VASA Front Page

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VASA Front Page Exhibition #50

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Dmytro Kupriyan


©  Dmytro Kupriyan

Go to: VASA Front Page Exhibition 50

Curator: Igor Manko

“People have adjusted the environment for the needs of their comfort and thus transformed it. We have erected cities, confined ourselves in apartment buildings, joined shores with bridges and turned paths into roads and highways. And still we dream to be closer to nature, decorating our homes with natural materials, growing plants, etc.

In this project I research human environment and the homo sapiens’s need of the acquired as opposed to the natural.” (From Dmytro Kupriyan’s artist statement)

The Photographer:

Dmytro Kupriyan (b. 1982) is a photographer and a photojournalist from Kyiv, Ukraine. He worked as a photojournalist at UNIAN news agency.

© Dmytro Kupriyan (artist at work)

Go to: VASA Front Page Exhibition #50

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