From the VASA Archive: "The Bar Where We Live" by Larry Chatman

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Subject: From the VASA Archive: "The Bar Where We Live" by Larry Chatman
Date: June 24th 2019

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Larry Chatman
The Bar and Where "we" Live

Larry Chatman
© Larry Chatman

Curator: Roberto Muffoletto

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This exhibition presents two bodies of work by Larry Chatman: The Bar and Where "we" Live. The videos included provide an enhanced exhibition experience through the voice of Chatman speaking to his work and to photography in general.

Being a "black" photographer (living in the USA) Larry Chatman was able to provide a cultural perspective, unavailable to most "white" photographers.  For the VASA international member, reading these images from their cultural experience, race in many communities (not all) in the USA is still an issue.  Racial lines in many cases follow economic lines defining life possibilities or impossibilities. Recent events in the USA adds to the viewr's contextual reading of the work..

The Bar and Where “we” Live are emblematic in that they present real people in real situations.  Each provides a pointer and reference to a human condition as seen through Chatman. 

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Larry Chatman

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