Reminder -- VJIC Essay by Daniela Noitz: Seeing Isolates

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Subject: Reminder -- VJIC Essay by Daniela Noitz: Seeing Isolates
Date: January 29th 2019
VASA Journal on Images and Culture
Daniela Noitz

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VASA Journal on Images and Culture

Invites You To The Essay Series
by Daniela Noitz

The Image, The Text and The Author

Fourth essay in the series:
Seeing Isolates

Roberto Muffoletto

Seeing Isolates

A reflection. Mirrors are something commonplace. But here they are broken, as if many different mirror images had been juxtaposed. Arbitrarily. Unintentionally. As it just happened. It does not give a whole. Interruptions. Irritation. Aspects. There is no order, just a colorful hodgepodge of individual aspects.

Editor note: Daniela is contributing a number of essays and stories that emerge out of her interaction and exchanges with images.  Text and image on the surface speak different languages and syntax, at deeper levels they join with acts of seeing and intuition. sensation and knowing.

Daniela Noitz born in 1972 in Austria, studied German, Theology and Economics in Vienna. After a long run with many detours, she works as a ghostwriter, texter and writer.

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