A Reminder: "Six Women" VASA Video Series -- 1st of two installments

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Subject: A Reminder: "Six Women" VASA Video Series -- 1st of two installments
Date: January 28th 2019
VASA Video Series

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You are invited to a new VASA Video Series

Six Women

a selection of video artists curated by Carla Della Beffa

First of two installments: January 2019

First Installment Artists:

Alessandra Arnò
Rita Casdia
Grace Graupe Pillard

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six woman
Still from "Flows - Interference Pattern I" by Alessandra Arnò

Still from "Dreamless" by Rita Casdia

Still from "Bitch Bitch Bitch" by Grace Graupe Pillard

Six Women

My main objective in curating this review and choosing the artists was, and is, to show the similarities and differences in the artistic approaches and methods of several video artists whose work I've been following for some time. Many themes are similar, because life is basically similar for all. But I'd like you to appreciate the diversity of women's video and art: all the artists I'm introducing work in other media too, and I invite you to discover their works and websites.

I chose three Italians and three international (USA, Slovenia/Austria) artists. I'm introducing them as I see them and their work, talking as a fellow woman and artist (sometimes curator). Together, they represent several facets of the complexity we live in: that's why I write what I see in each one of them instead of telling something more generic about all: not as a theorist, but as an artist introducing fellow artists, fellow women.


Carla Della Beffa
is a video, photo and relational artist and curator.

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