New VASA Exhibition: Irena Giedraitiene

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Subject: New VASA Exhibition: Irena Giedraitiene
Date: October 6th 2017
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Irena Giedraitiene

Photography Exhibition

Irena Giedraitienė
© Irena Giedraitiene

"Irena Giedraitiene was born on 14 January 1935 in Panevezys, Lithuaniaand, she began photograhing in 1955. Those were images of her parents or school friends, meant only to preserve memories. In the fateful year of 1956, Giedraitiene was supposed to participate in mass events at the Spartakiad of the Peoples in Moscow, with a group of young men and women from Kaunas. She took ill unexpectedly and could not take part in the high school competition, but ended up photographing it, thus creating one of her more imperssive series - The Spartakiad of the People. This was the beginning of a career that was difficult, but exceptional, given the Soviet times - that of a woman photographers.

*From: Egle Deltuvaite  " A Woman With A Photo Camera" ,Kuros meniu, Vilnius ,2016

Exhibition Curator: Roberto Muffoletto

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Irena Giedraitiene
© Irena Giedraitiene

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