Front Page #30: The Sea, The Skies, and The Black Earth -- Igor Manko (Ukraine)

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Subject: Front Page #30: The Sea, The Skies, and The Black Earth -- Igor Manko (Ukraine)
Date: June 5th 2017
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Front Page Project #30

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Igor Manko

The Sea, The Skies, and The Black Earth

Igor Manko
© Igor Manko

Here in eastern Ukraine, we are living through a desperate and depressing time. The media picture those maimed and killed at the front almost every day, the news of escalation of the hostilities fill social networks. Helicopters roar over your head carrying the wounded to the hospitals. Making fancy images with elaborate compositional arrangements feels wrong, like saying a lie. Narrowing down the range of visual components to basic elements - the water, the air, the earth - mirrors the contraction of one's everyday being to the basic values like life and death. (Igor Manko 2017)

Curatorial note: Igor Manko's work is exhibited here because of its relevence to current political conditions in Ukraine. The austerity of these images function on a metaporical and personal level.

Igor Manko is a head curator for VASA.  His major research and exhibition for VASA is the four part “Kharkiv School of Photography: Soviet Censorship to New Aesthetics”. Igor Manko lives in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Hie photographic work has been exhibited and collected internationally.

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Igor Manko©Igor Manko

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